Key Partners

California Department of Fish and Game

The California Department of Fish and Game has the statutory authority for implementing the California Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA). The Monitoring Enterprise works closely with the Department in all aspects of our work.

California Fish and Game Commission

The California Fish and Game Commission is the decision making body under MLPA. The Monitoring Enterprise works with the Commission to ensure monitoring is useful for adaptive management of California's network of MPAs.

California Ocean Protection Council

A state entity created to promote inter-agency coordination to improve protection of ocean resources, the California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) helps to support implementation of the Marine Life Protection Act, for example by providing funding for baseline monitoring of MPAs. The Monitoring Enterprise is supported by the OPC and provides recommendations on allocation of funds to support MPA monitoring and related programs.

California Sea Grant

California Sea Grant supports the solicitation, review, selection, and management of projects that are involved in implementing monitoring.